Private clients

We create insurance programmes for personal assets.

Our discretion and ongoing contant is key to obtaining our client´s trust.

We offer insurance solutions for the global protection of all your assets, understanding the need to create tailor made covers for each individual risk and adapting it to every client´s individual lifestyle.

For primary and secondary homes in Spain or anywhere in the world, we offer exclusive and select products that contemplate under one policy your main residency and all those secondary residencies in Spain or abroad you may want to include.

These products include the most comprehensive “all risk” coverage, insuring not only against theft, but also in case of loss or mysterious disappearance anywhere in the world, for all types of objects with high value limits.

We provide a close, discrete and personalized service that seeks excellence in every moment of intervention: advising, contracting and during any incident or claim.

Our team will stand closely by our client throughout the entire claim process in order to guarantee a speedy and favourable outcome.

Insurance for traditional  painting collections, to collections as diverse as: ivory miniatures, stamps, coins, watches, manuscripts, wines, books or comics etc.

We understand the dedication and passion it takes for a collector to create and build his personal collection. For this reason we are aware of the importance of providing adequate and comprehensive protection for any situation that may occur.

Working with the most specialized insurers, we provide tailor made art insurance for each collector taking into account the nature of their collection, and giving the collector the flexibility to move his artworks between locations anywhere in the world.

These “All Risk” insurance policies, include, amongst others the loss of value, breakage, disappearance, or depreciation of a work of art that has been damaged.


Their characteristics and high values ​​ render these objects highly susceptible to theft, causing significant economic losses. Getting insurance cover for them is not a simple task but given our specialization we have insurance markets willing to do so

In some cases, we can offer the option of insuring high values in jewellery with coverage that includes not only theft, but also loss and mysterious disappearance both in and outside your home.

We can provide insurance for both Antique and modern jewellery as well as insuring watches of high individual value anywhere in the world.

Apart from offering classic insurance to our private clients, we can also offer special insurance such as:
  • Automobiles

    We design specific products for contemporary or classic car collections, offering flexible solutions for high value cars while in use or stationary. Our task is to obtain from insurers flexibility in underwriting these risks, attaining the most comprehensive cover and solutions for damages caused by any unforeseen event.

  • Boats and Planes

    we can offer insurance solutions for boats of any size, including large yachts that sail in  international waters. Furthermore, we can also insure both the contents of the boat as well as the crew member´s liability.

    In order to offer a complete service, we can also provide our clients whiht insurance for jet private planes.

  • Country Estates and Horses

    Country estate protection can be extended to include insurance to animals and stock as well as the estate management itself. We have specific liability or life insurance covers for recreational , jumping, taming or polo horses, thus protecting our clients assets.

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