Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most common damages to art works?

    Contrary to popular belief, robbery is not the main cause of loss or damage to art works. Most losses are a result of accidental damage, water, smoke or fire damage.

  • How can I evaluate my works of art?

    For art works that date prior to 21st Century, we should look for the help of specialists in the field or art experts to establish an approximate value. We can help provide such professionals.
    For contemporary works, receipts of purchase or the gallery where the work has been bought can help with establishing the most recent value.

  • What is considered fragile works of art?

    Works of art made up primarily of any of the following materials may be considered of fragile nature: Porcelain, ceramics, glass, marble, terracotta or ivory.

  • How much does art insurance cost?

    Art insurance has one of the cheapest rates in the insurance market, infinitely cheaper rates than other insurances such a car, boat, jewellery or even household insurance.


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